Siemens is globally known for their excellence and innovative technology advancements made in the electrification, automation, and digitalization industries.

In their Process Industries and Drives Division they specialize in solutions for process automation, sensor systems, integrated drive systems, and plant engineering software. They work with a wide variety of industries, focusing on improving reliability, safety, and efficiency.

Advanced Controls and Distribution offers the following products from Siemens:

Automated Solutions

PLC’s and Motion Control
HMI’s Process Analysis
Industrial PC’s
Wireless I/O

Variable Speed Drives

Low Voltage AC Drives
Medium Voltage AC Drives
DC Drives

Power Distribution

Circuit Breakers and Panelboards
Low Voltage Switchgear
Motor Control
Motor Control Centers
Soft Starters

Industrial Controls

Ethernet Hubs, Switches, Cables and Converters
Fiber Optic Converters and Modems
Heating and Regulating
Network Bridges and Gateways
Power Monitoring and Metering Equipment
Serial to Fiber Optic Converters
Signal Conditioning
Solid State Controllers
Solid State Relays and Timers
Terminal Blocks and Terminal Block Markers
Voltage Regulators, UPS and Power Supplies

Safety Integrated Products

Safety Devices and Software
Safety Light Curtains and Mats

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