Customer Testimonials

ACD has developed numerous customer testimonials / case studies to demonstrate how customers are using ACD solutions to benefit their business.

atlantis_tech_logoI own a small business which I started in 1999 that specializes in designing and building industrial waste water treatment equipment. I was introduced to ACD in 2011 and have been extremely impressed with their product lines and service. They have gone out of their way to assist us in learning about new products. In addition, they have provided excellent telephone, on-line, and on-site support with the items that we have purchased. ACD has a great team of experienced product specialists that we can count on as we design and build our custom systems. I recommend ACD to anyone who has automation needs.

– David Descutner, President, Atlantis Technologies,


Medart LogoThe eWON switch has saved Medart time and money. This system is a cost effective way to trouble shoot and monitor PLC’s using internet (network) or cellular connection, and can be accessed without special permission from the customers IT departments. This system has saved Medart expensive trips by technicians, allowing us to make programming modifications remotely from our office. The additional advantage of the eWON is its ability to be configured and programmed easily. Medart will install these switches on all new projects, domestic and foreign, to allow us to avoid issues moving forward. Simple, efficient and cost effective. I would recommend anyone with the need for remote access to a PLC control system, to investigate this option.

– Mike Kaufman, Vice President, Medart, Inc.,


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